PAX Rescue Bag RTS AIR - Summit cross meets lighthouse

Summit cross meets lighthouse - from horizontal net to medical product - about the successful cooperation of MK-MED Medizintechnik AG (hereinafter MK-MED), Air Zermatt AG (hereinafter "Air Zermatt") and X-CEN-TEK GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter PAX-Bags) using the PAX Rescue Bag RTS AIR as an example.

With the PAX Rescue Bag RTS AIR, one of the few rescue bags approved as a medical device was developed and brought to market maturity.

In 2016, the foundation for the development of the PAX Rescue Bag RTS AIR was laid. With Manfred Kinnast, (CEO, MK-MED Medizintechnik AG), Dr. Axel Mann (former Medical Director, Air Zermatt) and Dr. Nils Lasse Schneider (Product Manager, PAX-Bags), the PAX Rescue Bag project of these three major innovation drivers started.

Mission on the Matterhorn
Mission on the Matterhorn
PAX RTS AIR - hanger
PAX RTS AIR - hanger

PAX Rescue Bag Air-Zermatt

The PAX Rescue Bag RTS AIR is characterized by the consistent avoidance of Velcro to protect the safety-relevant ropes and straps for winching.

With the surrounding zipper, the PAX Rescue Bag RTS AIR can be operated by just one person, even in adverse conditions. The internal lacing system in the head area and the color-coded compression straps allow the PAX Rescue Bag to be quickly adapted to the patient.
The redundantly designed loop system for attaching the hanger for transport as an external load on the helicopter ensures extra safety.

Vertical raising or abseiling is also possible and permitted. All loops and ropes are securely stowed in pockets.

The brand new corpuls3T

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The corpuls3T is not just a device – it is a system of 3 modules: monitor, patient box, and defibrillator.

  • Constant monitoring from the point of use to the hospital
  • Continuous monitoring from a safe distance (e.g. in CT)
  • Higher ergonomics during patient transport by dividing the modules
  • Increased patient safety by recording and storing the parameters directly on the patient
  • More flexibility at the point of use by dividing into application areas: display, data acquisition and therapy

New Kanmed training videos for all users

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