Today, high-performance medicine also offers very immature children a realistic opportunity to grow up healthy. The world market opens up a multifaceted spectrum of products to ensure the survival and maturation of prematurely born children.

We have put together a range of well-known branded products in this segment. Here, too, we are convinced that, in addition to invasive technology, high-quality consumables adapted to the special needs of small and very small patients are required in order to ensure a smooth course of treatment.

For this reason, we are an exclusive distributor for the following companies:

Intersurgical GmbH

Intersurgical is one of the leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of disposable respiratory support products. They offer flexible patient solutions for airway management, anesthesia, oxygen and aerosol therapy as well as for intensive care and homecare applications.

With more than 25 years of experience, they understand the continuously changing and challenging clinical environments as well as the needs of customers and patients.

Their approach enables them to offer the highest standards of design, manufacture, quality and customer care, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to customer needs. The company's goal is to offer the best possible solutions for patients and users who value quality, innovation and service.

Kanmed AB

Patient warming systems.

Kanmed is a Swedish company that has been supplying high-quality patient-warming products to hospitals around the world for over 30 years.

Thousands of Kanmed products have warmed young patients in a safe and efficient way. Their products are predominantly used in pediatrics/neonatology. Whether a single or twin bed, with this company, every child finds their place.

Medin Medical Innovations GmbH

Its heart beats for premature and newborn babies

As the only manufacturer, they offer solutions and products for the complete range of non-invasive respiratory support for premature and newborn babies. They offer a large, comprehensive and coordinated toolbox for the NIV therapy of small patients, from CPAP to assisted breathing support to non-invasive HFO.

The accessories are perfectly matched to the medin devices. It can also be used with many other devices and thus opens up a wide range of practical solutions for the customer.