PAX Ampullarium XL Clip-In POS


  • Color: Grey
  • Length: 33cm / Width: 10cm / Depth: 24cm

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Matching the PAX organizing system, the Ampullarium XL Clip-In module is manufactured on the basis of the XL module.

The PAX clip-in system is mounted on the plastic plates in the base and lid and fitted with the PAX ampoule clips as required. The center wall, which can be attached in the middle or on the opposite side, accommodates the syringes and needles and at the same time protects the ampoules in the event of particularly high pressure from the outside. This ampullarium is equipped with fleece strips. The number of ampoules to be accommodated varies between 40 and 100, depending on the equipment and the desired clarity.

Product details
  • Material: PAX-TEC
Scope of delivery

1 x PAX Ampullarium XL Clip-In POS incl. 6 rails and 120 clips (for fixation of 60 ampoules)