DRÄGER/CARBAMED vacuum regulator


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Vacuum regulator for high vacuum and high flow: 0 to -100 kPa. The Carbamed vacuum regulators are diaphragm regulators with particularly large diaphragms, which allow precise setting of the desired negative pressure and achieve a large suction capacity from the start (10 to 60 l/min). All vacuum regulators are sterilizable up to 134°. The pressure gauge can be rotated for optimum reading from all angles. The large handwheel is easy to operate and the entire suction area is covered with just one and a half turns. The attached, sterilizable overflow protection has a transparent safety valve, thus effectively preventing liquid from being sucked into the vacuum regulator.

Product details
  • High vacuum 0 to -100kPa incl. Overflow protection
  • Universal holder for rail 25×8 to 35x10mm and NIST
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1 x DRÄGER/CARBAMED vacuum regulator